Friday, April 19, 2013

Vintage Needlework

While living in Virginia for the past 5 years, I grew to love the thrill of treasure hunting in thrift stores.  I never went into a store with the notion of finding anything in particular and, because of that, found many things that are what I consider treasures.  One of things I would find would be orphaned needlework, as I came to call it.  It made me sad to think that someone had labored over an embroidered or cross-stitched piece and then it ended up sitting on the shelf of a second hand store.  One clerk named me the lady who rescued forgotten needlework.  I have quite a collection and that doesn't include those that I have made.  So where to put it....

This wall, or rather section of the wall, in the guest room was looking rather bare.  Looked like the perfect place to me.  And it looks like they need a bit of straightening!  I think that this room may become the "retro" room, decorated in those lovely 1970's colors.  I was wondering where I was going to put the afghan I was crocheting....

Happy Crafting!

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