Thursday, February 28, 2013

Projects in the Works, Part 2

I've been a bit behind in keeping up with my blogging this past week as I have been preparing for our daughter coming home from spring break. Unfortunately she just found out that she will not be able to come home as she has to stay and work on a research project in her lab. She is a junior, majoring in physics, so these things can't be helped. But we are very disappointed that she won't be able to make it. But, on a positive note, her room looks much better! We had moved from our home for about 5 years to pursue careers out of state, but moved back in September. Consolidating two households has been a bit of a challenge and I put it off over the holidays. Her coming home was the catalyst I needed to get moving again as her room had become the storage area.  It's my craft stuff.  Go figure...

I said last week that I would share some of my unfinished projects. I'm still trying to decide in what direction I want my blog to go, so it may be a bit disjointed for a while. Just like me!! I'm always off on a new project or technique and am finding that blogging is getting me a bit more organized. I'm also working on establishing a shop on Etsy and that has been time consuming. But I am enjoying every moment of it! 

So here is the next project in the works.

In my Blue and Beige post on February 11, I mentioned a stash of yarn that I had picked up at a second hand store. It contained lots of skeins of very 70's colors - avocado green, gold, and rust, along with a number of skeins of variegated yarn in the same color scheme. As I grew up in the 70's, it reminds me of home as my mom decorated in those colors at that time. So it has a very cozy feel for me. Here are some of the skeins that were in the stash. You can tell by the wrappers and the brands that these are old. I don't believe some of this yarn is even made any more.

Here is the real proof as to the age of this yarn. Check out this price! 50 cents a skein. Wouldn't that be lovely?

That picture is a bit light, but you can still see the price.

I love this project as I can roll a ball of yarn, stick the crochet hook in it (I am using a size H hook) and carry it with me wherever I go. I have found that sitting anywhere, doctor's office, auto repair garage, or music lessons, crocheting, and needlework in general are great conversation starters. I am always amazed by how many people don't know how to do these crafts. Naive on my part, I guess, as I grew up around crafty women. My mother always knit, my great aunt was a wonderful seamstress, and another aunt loved all things crafty. So I was always surrounded by it. I love to share and always offer to teach someone if they are interested. It's been a great way to connect with people. And to keep these crafts alive!

I hope this inspires you too!


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