Thursday, March 14, 2013

Felt Shamrock

This is the shamrock brooch I made using the yarn roses that I posted about yesterday. I had originally thought that I would use three green roses to make a shamrock, but it didn't look right as I was laying it out. This is what I did instead:

In my profile I say that I like to use materials that I have recycled. The rose on the shamrock is made from yarn that was leftover from another project. The bead is one of MANY that I purchased second hand at an estate sale. The felt, although new, is made from recycled materials.

This project only took about an hour to complete.  I started by freehand drawing a heart on a piece of scrap paper. Sometimes I'll just eyeball something like this, but since I wanted all of the hearts the same size, I made a pattern. I then cut out 6 hearts. As this felt is a bit thin, I wanted to make sure that the brooch had some bulk to it so that it wouldn't sag or tear when worn.

I stitched 2 hearts together using matching thread and an overcast stitch. I made the stitches very tiny and as even as I could around the edge. I also cut out a stem for the shamrock. This I did eyeball, using the curve from one of the hearts that I had cut out as a side. I also doubled the stem for stability.

I laid the hearts out point to point, as shown above, using the stem as a base.  Starting at the outer edge of the heart, I again overcast stitched the petals to the stem.  When that was completed, I stitched the rose to the center of the shamrock where the heart points meet.

I thought it was a bit plain and wanted to fancy it up a bit without going overboard.  Digging through the bead stash I found the bright gold bead (thinking about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!) and then used some gold thread I had to outline stitch the petals and stem.  I added a pin to the back. 

I won't be getting pinched on Saint Patrick's Day! And having a bit of Irish in me (Kathleen Margaret is my full name), I love to display that on March 17th.  It is also my mother's birthday, her 87th this year, so it is a date that is very special to me. 

I hope you are inspired by this! 

Happy Crafting!


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