Friday, June 5, 2015

Dreaming of Christmas...already!

This is a felt brooch that I have been working on for a while trying to perfect the design.  I think it would also look cute as a barrette for a little girl.  Who doesn't love Santa?  I had it listed in my Etsy shop last year, but was not happy with it.  So time to re-vamp and re-make!  Enjoy!

Another item I had listed in my Etsy shop was this Santa pot.  I originally found a similar design in a magazine many years ago whose name I cannot recall.  These are a lot of fun to paint and make great Secret Santa gifts.  They could also be filled with little goodies for a cute teacher's gift.  I don't have any listed back in my shop yet (it really is too early to think about Christmas shopping, isn't it?) but I'm going to start working on these soon for my shop and to put in my friend's shop on consignment.

Happy Crafting!


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