Thursday, October 8, 2015

Loop Scarf Collection

Have you ever used a spool knitter?  When I was a kid, the neighborhood girls all had spool knitters. We would sit in the backyard on summer days and knit our long ropes, trading colorful, short lengths of yarn.  I'm not sure whatever happened to mine; it may still be packed away at my parents' house, still in my Mary Poppins bag.  Back then, the spool knitters were literally a wooden spool (I miss those!) with 4 small nails driven into the top.  Now they can be purchased and are made from plastic and the tops rotate and all of those "new-fangled" things!  They can be used to knit wire for jewelry also.  This picture shows my current collection of spool knitters.  I purchased the two large ones in the back years ago when my daughter was small so that she could try this craft.  She made a mat from it for her grandmother, my mother.  The knitter that looks like a person is one I picked up during a thrift store adventure and the plastic one is made by Clover and readily available in craft stores.

I even found an ebook about spool knitting written in 1909.  The projects in this book inspired me to use this old-fashion craft to make something stylish!

I designed these two loop scarves after reading through the spool knitting book.  I was also inspired by the buttons that I used to decorate each of these scarves.  Who can resist chocolate and hot pink?

Rainbow of Reds Loop Scarf

Chocolate Swirls Loop Scarf

Both of these scarves are available in my Etsy Shop.  Thank you and, as always.....

Happy Crafting!


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