Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bow Brooch

 Over the last few weeks I have been digging around in my numerous baskets and bags and boxes (and...!) and have found many little projects that can be finished quickly and make me feel like I have accomplished something, craftwise that is.  This is helping me to get through the creative block I have had for a long time and these little projects are just darn cute!  I will be sharing them with you as I complete them.

The first I want to share is a brooch I made from a kit that comes along with the magazine Mollie Makes.  This magazine is published in the UK by Future Publishing Ltd.  I usually find my copy at Barnes and Noble.  It is a wonderful magazine, full of vintage crafts and ideas and always features one artisan and one city with a craft center.  And every month there is a project attached to the front cover!  My favorite part!

Attached to Issue 28 was the kit containing everything to make this adorable bow brooch.  (The button was from my stash).  It was very simple to make.  Just chain 25 stitches, join together and single crochet around and around for 10 rows.  Then make a 10 stitch chain, single crocheting 2 rows to tie the piece into a bow.  That simple!  The yarn, crochet hook, and pinback were all included!  The only thing I forgot is that in the UK, what we in the US call a single crochet, is referred to as a double crochet.  So I did have to rip it all out after getting about half done and realizing I was running out of yarn.  But it was so easy that it took no time at all to catch it back up.

Anyhow...this is the finished brooch.  I have a pretty light green cardigan that this will look perfect on.  And I'm thinking of how it will look next Saint Patrick's Day!  Never too early to be thinking ahead!

Happy Crafting!



  1. Nice background for a unique button!

    1. Thank you! It was nice to use something from my button stash!