Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sewing Kit

My daughter was asked by a friend in college if she had a sewing kit he could borrow.  I'm embarrassed to say that she didn't have one.  Me, sending my kid off to school without a needle and thread.  So I decided to make both of them a sewing kit.  I know that I probably could have purchased one relatively inexpensively, but what fun would that be??!!

I started with a couple of Altoids tins I had saved, naturally.  I spray painted them with gloss black.  I wasn't too careful about getting it on the inside of the tin because I was going to line it with felt.  I cut felt to fit the inside top and bottom of the tins.

Next I cut a couple of small rectangles from felt to make a needle and pin "book".  I stitched the spine of this together by hand and added several sizes of needles, straight pins, and safety pins.

I filled some small zip lock bags with a variety of buttons.  My daughter's button bag, pictured above had a wide range of colors, while the one I filled for her friend had neutral colors.  Next I cut a small rectangle of cardboard and wrapped five different colors of thread around it - light beige, dark beige, white, black, and navy blue.  

Everything fit nicely inside the tin...but I don't have a picture to show that.

I wanted to make the outside of the tin a bit more interesting than just glossy black, so I added wording using a gold marker.


Since I had everything on hand, these little sewing kits didn't cost me anything.  And both my daughter and her friend appreciated them and have already put them to use!

Happy Crafting!


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