Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sparkle Wreath

My first excited!

I called this project "Sparkle Wreath" and you can see why!

Please excuse my photo skills.  I'm hoping that they will improve with time! Anyhow...

I originally saw a similar wreath in a magazine.  I can't recall now if it was Woman's Day or Family Circle, but it was just a little inset on one of the pages for easy crafts.  The instructions called for using old brooches, but since I had an abundance of buttons that were in a box of beads I had purchased, I thought this would be the perfect use for them!


10-inch green floral wreath
3 yards of 1 1/2 inch ribbon (don't use wire edged ribbon and don't go any wider - too hard to wrap!)
Lots of glittery buttons (snip the loop from the back using wire cutters) or brooches, if you prefer
Glue gun (I used a low-temp glue gun)

I began by wrapping the ribbon around the wreath form.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I didn't plan to do this until after I had started the project.  It wasn't necessary to glue the ribbon to the wreath form, as there was a bit of tape left on the end of the ribbon to hold it in place.  However, you could either add a drop of glue or a piece of tape to hold the end in place.  It won't show. I overlapped the ribbon by about 1/2 the width, being careful not to get wrinkles or creases in the ribbon.  This is why I recommend not using a ribbon wider than 1 1/2 inches, especially on a small wreath form.  

Once the ribbon wrapping was completed, I used the low temp glue gun to start  gluing on the buttons.  I didn't have any particular design in mind when I started, other than using the larger buttons first.  I didn't cover the outside of the form very much, nor did I cover the inner edge very much.  I wanted all of the buttons so that they could be seen!

My pictures don't do this justice, but I love it!  Kind of out of character/style for me, but it looks great hanging next to my bureau in the bedroom.  I hadn't attached anything to hang it by (being anxious to finish it and all) and ended up using an old gold-plated chain bracelet.  Worked perfectly.  And I love the way it shines when I put the bureau lamp on.

Hope you enjoy this!


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